Travelling with your pets over the Festive Season

Does the thought of leaving your beloved pet at home make you anxious? Or worse still make you put off your holiday entirely because you can’t bear the thought of leaving your fur child behind.

Well stress no more, as below we will offer you some handy tips and tricks to take your pet on holiday with you.

Travelling in the car

My dogs love coming in the car with me to pick the kids up from school, however going on a big road trip would be another matter altogether. Maybe before you hit the road, it might be good to take your pet out with you for longer periods at a time, so they get used to being the car for longer. Also restraining your pet in the car is super important too. Kmart is an excellent place to go for affordable pet restraint options. The last thing you want is for them to be jumping over you and the car whilst towing a caravan.

Be sure to take regular pet friendly stops so you don’t have nasty smelly accidents while driving.


Before you go it’s a great idea to ensure your pet is up to date with all their vaccinations, worming etc. Also having a microchip in your pet is handy in the worst-case scenario that they become lost. A quick trip to the vet can ensure this is all done in one go.


Having your pet registered is so important, again if they become lost and taken to the pound, you don’t want to have to face a hefty fine.


Apart from you having the stress of travel, your pet will feel it too. Take some of their toys from home, or their favourite blanket or bed so they feel the comforts of home, which will help to lessen their anxiety. 

Stop and play with them often too, so they don’t get bored, this is good for a couple of reasons: a.  will rest better in the car and b. They are less likely to chew your seat in the car because they are tired out from playing. I’ve heard Dr Harry say many times, bored pets’ equal bad behaviour..hahah


Before you leave, do your research about pet friendly caravan parks that you can stay at, you don’t want to arrive somewhere to find your four-legged friend isn’t welcome. There seems to be an overwhelming number of places that offer pet friendly places now, as it seems to be becoming the norm to take pets on holidays, which is great because why shouldn’t they come too, they’re a special member of the family.

Things to remember

Isn’t it always the simple things you forget to take with you when you go away? I hate that feeling when you leave, did I forget something..

  1. Your dog lead
  2. Doggy doo doo bags to pick up their poop
  3. Dog bowl for water and dinner
  4. Tin opener so you can open the tin containing your dog’s dinner
  5. Medication or vitamins your pet may take.

I hope this article may have helped a little before you head off on your caravanning journey. Have the best time, and drive safe…