• We take images of your caravan upon checking it in to reference damages and the general condition of your caravan.
  • We remind you that your caravan needs to be hygienically clean, including the emptying and thorough cleaning of your shower, toilet and toilet cassette, when presented to our sites or we will ask you to clean it before we commence repair – we owe this duty to our staff to work in a safe environment.
  • We ask that you remove personal possessions where possible and perishable items.
  • Please ensure all necessary keys are left with us at the time of repair.
  • Your excess and any private work is payable upon collection of your caravan and payment must be received in our account prior to it being returned to you if being transported.
  • If you have a motor vehicle that has been damaged as a result of the same incident – hail or accident, please let us know and we can manage this repair for you within our wider network.
  • Please remove gas cylinders. We request this for legislative reasons, if you have concerns about removing them, please contact us to discuss.
  • Bring in the lower skirt if relevant.

Duration of repairs

  • The severity of the damage to your caravan determines the ordinary length of time it will take to repair it. You will be provided with an estimate of this timeframe upon making your booking.
  • We will communicate with you during the course of your repair and monitor the estimated completion date with you.
  • Sometimes it becomes necessary to alter the original method of repair (for example if additional damage is detected upon stripping the van). This can add to the duration of repairs.
  • Caravan Fix will order your parts in advance of the repair booking date.  On occasion, it may be necessary to order additional parts during the course of the repair. Sometimes we will release your caravan back to you when parts remain on backorder but only when the part in question does not affect the safety of the caravan.
  • If your caravan requires transport this could possibly add to the length of repairs
  • We may need to transport your caravan to facilitate repairs by an alternate Caravan Fix site., for eg to a site with a specialist tradesman or equipment such as a spraypainter or chassis aligner.  This will not affect repair quality and is fully covered by our insurance.
  • The trucks used for transporting are owned and operated by Caravan Fix.


  • On occasion battery charge deteriorates due to non use. We take every precaution to prevent this but accept no responsibility should this occur.


  • We advise that the global pandemic is causing occasional supply delays for parts. This is beyond our control and we will try to schedule your repairs in at a time that causes you the least inconvenience with regard to parts ETA’s.
  • Feel confident knowing that we observe Covid safety standards such as contact tracing, social distancing, and hand sanitising.
  • We sanitise caravans at check in for the safety of our staff however we require the caravan to come to us in a clean and hygenic condition – we have an obligation to keep our staff safe and will ask you to clean the van if it poses a health risk.
  • We sanitise caravans upon completing repairs for our customers safety.

For further information regarding Caravan Fix please continue reviewing this website. 

The provision of your caravan to us for repairs indicates that you acknowledge and accept these terms.

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  • Who is Caravan Fix?

    Caravan Fix is a 100% Australian owned business based on the Gold Coast, QLD. With over 10 years’ experience in the repairs and restorations of all types of caravans, RV’s (and passenger cars at our sister company ASG) – we’re the one stop shop for anything caravan, camper or RV repair or service related!

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  • Where is Caravan Fix?

    We are located all along the East Coast to cover your travelling needs. We’re currently in; Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Melbourne.  All our stores are company stores to ensure a common approach to your repair and service needs.

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  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of a regular maintenance service starts from $340 for a single-axle caravan and from $399 for a double-axle vehicle. We’ll check bearing, brakes, gas and electrical, as well as inspecting the coupling, chassis, windows, and doors and looking for any signs of damp.

    Any items requiring attention will be brought to your attention with pricing for your approval to proceed with repairs.

    For the full range of standard services and rates, click here.

  • Do you offer caravan repairs?

    Absolutely! Caravan Fix specialises in all things caravans & RVs. We have skilled technicians and contractors in framing, structural, cladding, gas, plumbing and electrical areas - the experienced team at Caravan Fix have the skills required to handle big and small jobs!

  • Can you help me handle an insurance claim?

    Caravan Fix partner with all the major insurance companies. Indeed, they are our biggest clients! Our Claims Management teams are committed to quality customer service. Just lodge a claim with your insurer requesting Caravan Fix as your preferred repairer, we will take care of the rest of the process.

  • Why does my caravan leak?

    Unfortunately, it is common that most caravans in their lifetime will leak. Caravans are held together by many seals across multiple joins. And then there are windows, vents and other openings just waiting to introduce water into your van.  The more accessories you have, the more potential for leaks.

    Seals are not designed to be a one-off application. They have a lifespan like so many other parts. This means that all the seals in your caravan need to be regularly inspected and replaced BEFORE they fail and allow water into your caravan. How often they need to be replaced will be dictated largely by how you store, use and care for your caravan. Maintenance is the key here.

    All seals will break down due to routine road travel due to vibration and rough roads.  Caravans body parts and windows move during travel and can pull away from the body of the caravan. Seals also shrink and expand in hot and cold weather.

    Lastly, how you store your caravan will also impact on their longevity. You should expect seals on a caravan that is stored under cover to last longer than a caravan housed outside in the weather.

    Seals should be checked yearly as part of your regular service and preventative maintenance checks, as water incursion is one of the costliest repairs to undertake.