Secure Caravan Transport Service at Caravan Fix

Caravan Fix has it’s own fleet of flat bed trucks, used for moving caravans and RVs around our workshops and the country.

The trucks are used regularly for collecting caravans and motorhomes and bringing them back to our workshops. We also use them to transport vans to a workshop with a particular in-house service, such as paint.

This is a great service to be able to offer both manufacturers and private customers. We often pick up two caravans or motorhomes at a time, returning them to our workshop for repairs.

Our trucks are flat beds, so the caravans aren’t towed.

After storm events, we will often use our caravan transport to move vans to other nearby sites to ensure repairs can be done in a timely manner. Having flatbeds, we are able to load the vans and tie them down to avoid any further damage, or wear and tear on the caravans.

On occasion, we are able to offer customers a valet service, where the caravan is returned to them post repair.

Our experienced caravan transport drivers are experts in ensuring the caravan is loaded and tied down securely, without putting any undue stress on the chassis or body of the caravan or motorhome.

You can rest assured if your caravan is required to be moved with our caravan transport, that it will not suffer any damage as a result of the transport.

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