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How often should you get your caravan service? It is a question we are often asked.

Unlike cars, most manufacturers don’t include a service logbook. The team at Caravan Fix recommend servicing your caravan every 10,000km, or before any big trip.

A service can help you avoid running into troubles while you are out on the road. It is very frustrating heading off on a holiday, only to have a problem with your van. Our service is designed to help you avoid that happening.

Your safety is of great importance to us. Our team of trained and experienced technicians are happy to share the wealth of knowledge with you, and give you guidance in maintaining your caravan or RV.

The importance of servicing your caravan is something that too many people overlook. Your pride and joy was a big purchase, and maintaining it is paramount to the long life of your investment. Like anything, the better you look after it, the better job it will do for you.

Caravan Fix offer a number of different service options;

Caravan Service 1 (first service/3000km service)

Covers the following;

  • Wheel bearing check and adjust
  • Wheel nut tension
  • Tyre pressure and wear pattern
  • Visual inspection of suspension
  • Visual inspection of under carriage
  • Check brake system
  • Check operation of external 12 Volt lights
  • Check operation of interior lights
  • Check operation of appliances
  • Visual check for moisture sealing
  • Check adjustment of doors, windows and hatches
  • Grease shackle and coupling nipples
  • Ensure fire extinguisher is fitted

Caravan Service 2

Covers the following;

  • Remove, Clean, Inspect, Repack of wheel Bearings
  • Inspect Drum for wearing
  • Inspect Magnet Face for wearing
  • Remove magnet & check for wearing on ARM & MAGNET
  • Inspect Brake Shoes and Oil Backing Plate
  • Inspect Bushes for Movement
  • Grease shackle and coupling nipples
  • Test Brake-Away
  • Fire Extinguisher Fitted (ADR Requirement)
  • Check battery condition and report (if easily accessible)

Caravan service 3 (every 10,000km or yearly)

Covers the following;

  • Remove, Clean, Inspect, Repack of wheel Bearings
  • Inspect Drum for wearing
  • Inspect Magnet Face for wearing
  • Remove magnet & check for wearing on ARM & MAGNET
  • Inspect Brake Shoes and Oil Backing Plate
  • Inspect Bushes for Movement
  • Inspect springs & Suspension System (Shock Absorbers)
  • Check Tyre Wear and Tyre pressures (INCLUDE SPARE/S)
  • Check wind down legs and lubricate
  • Check tail light etc.
  • Grease Coupling & Adjust
  • Adjust Hand Brake
  • Grease shackle and coupling nipples
  • Check Anode
  • Run hot water Tap & Check HWS is full
  • Check if Shurflo Pump has a Pre-Filter
  • Test Brake-Away System
  • Fire Extinguisher Fitted (ADR Requirement)
  • Check Battery Condition and Report

Caravan Service 4 (premium service)

Covers the following;

  • Check 12 Volt outside lights
  • Clearance
  • Brake
  • Indicators
  • Porch
  • Reflectors
  • Check Battery condition and report
  • Mounting
  • Condition Report
  • Check Internal light operation
  • 240 Volt plug tests – Inlet & Outlet – check and report
  • Air Conditioner Filter clean and check operation – check and report
  • Lubricate window winders and hatch operation
  • Lubricate all door locks internal and external
  • Lubricate stabiliser corner steadies
  • Check for chassis condition and cracks
  • Visual check for moisture – Report on sealing condition
  • Cable tie all loose wiring
  • Remove break drum and report
  • Lubricate bearings- report as per item 1 on service 1
  • Lubricate break backing plate and adjuster mechanism
  • Adjust hand brake
  • Check tyre wear/pressures (including Spare/s)
  • Lubricate jockey wheel winder and locking clamp
  • Grease suspension and check bushes
  • Grease shackle and coupling nipples
  • Check for water leaks and hose damage
  • Check Anode
  • Ensure HWS is full
  • Check if Shurflo Pump has Pre-Filter
  • Test Brake-Away system
  • Fire Extinguisher Fitted (ADR Requirement)

The Caravan Fix goal is to send you off on your adventures with peace of mind. We love exploring our country, and we love helping others do so safely.

To find out more about our Caravan Service options and pricing, get in touch with us today.


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  • Who is Caravan Fix?

    Caravan Fix is a 100% Australian owned business based on the Gold Coast, QLD. With over 10 years’ experience in the repairs and restorations of all types of caravans, RV’s (and passenger cars at our sister company ASG) – we’re the one stop shop for anything caravan, camper or RV repair or service related!

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  • Where is Caravan Fix?

    We are located all along the East Coast to cover your travelling needs. We’re currently in; Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Melbourne.  All our stores are company stores to ensure a common approach to your repair and service needs.

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  • How often should I get my caravan or camper serviced?

    As a good rule of thumb, Caravans should be serviced at LEAST once a year or every 10,000km - whichever comes first. They should also be serviced if they have been idle for more than 6 months.

    Caravans, campers and other RV's are complicated machines with many moving parts. Caravan's come under similar stress as your car from the wear and tear of travelling.  As more people take to the roads, the more critical it is for everyone’s safety that caravans are 100% travel ready.

    There are very good reasons to service your caravan regularly:

    • It will save you money in the long run by being preventative and avoiding the need for expensive repairs later;
    • It will give you peace of mind that your next holiday will be free from an avoidable breakdown or something not working as expected for the whole trip;
    • Your caravan is an important investment. A well-maintained caravan holds its value and reflects positively on your asset
    • Most importantly, It will keep you, your family and other road users safe!

    Caravan Fix will ensure that your brakes, bearings, axles, electricals, and mechanical components are not overly worn or damaged before you head out on the road.

  • What services do you offer?

    At Caravan Fix we’ll do a full safety inspection and report.  This covers everything from your braking and tow assist, seals, gas and electrical, chassis and more

    Caravan Fix is a full-service repair and service business. Whether you're looking for a standard service, a major repair from hail or water damage, restore a van or add new gear to your van - we're the team to call.

    The Caravan Fix Repair team will inspect all the critical componentry; bearings, brakes, suspension, tyres, wheels and lights. We’ll make sure your vehicle is not only in good condition but, wherever necessary, replace anything that is worn or damaged with a genuine quality replacement part.

    For the full range of standard services and rates, click here.

  • How long will it take to service my van?

    In most cases, service which requires no major part replacement is generally completed in a few hours and can be booked into one of our 6 service centres to minimize any downtime.

    However, it’s important to understand that caravans and motorhomes are complex machines that are often full of unique parts!  That means that it’s not always as simple to get parts for your standard automobile!

    If we have to source parts that are difficult to find, we will notify you and we’ll do our best to give you an estimate of the timeframe for delivery of the part or parts.

    Caravans manufactured overseas present an entire new level of parts challenges, and we sometimes choice to design and make parts ourselves if we cannot source them.

    We ask for your patience when your caravan is with us and we fully commit to keeping you informed on progress every step of the way.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of a regular maintenance service starts from $340 for a single-axle caravan and from $399 for a double-axle vehicle. We’ll check bearing, brakes, gas and electrical, as well as inspecting the coupling, chassis, windows, and doors and looking for any signs of damp.

    Any items requiring attention will be brought to your attention with pricing for your approval to proceed with repairs.

    For the full range of standard services and rates, click here.

  • How do I care for my van?

    We strongly encourage our customers to undertake a preventative maintenance mindset. We'll show you everything you need to know about caring for your caravan or RV so you can greatly reduce the chances of a serious breakdown.  From understanding how to wash your caravan to educating consumers on the need for Regular Servicing.  We strongly recommend RVGard to protect the exterior and interior surfaces and materials in your caravan or RV.

  • Do you offer a minor service?

    Yes. As well as our full service and repair options, Caravan Fix is also able to offer basic tyre, brake and bearing service. This can be an affordable way to ensure safety between major service appointments.

    Note: Keep in mind a full service history could be beneficial as evidence of regular maintenance during Insurance or Manufacturer Warranty claims.

  • Why does my caravan leak?

    Unfortunately, it is common that most caravans in their lifetime will leak. Caravans are held together by many seals across multiple joins. And then there are windows, vents and other openings just waiting to introduce water into your van.  The more accessories you have, the more potential for leaks.

    Seals are not designed to be a one-off application. They have a lifespan like so many other parts. This means that all the seals in your caravan need to be regularly inspected and replaced BEFORE they fail and allow water into your caravan. How often they need to be replaced will be dictated largely by how you store, use and care for your caravan. Maintenance is the key here.

    All seals will break down due to routine road travel due to vibration and rough roads.  Caravans body parts and windows move during travel and can pull away from the body of the caravan. Seals also shrink and expand in hot and cold weather.

    Lastly, how you store your caravan will also impact on their longevity. You should expect seals on a caravan that is stored under cover to last longer than a caravan housed outside in the weather.

    Seals should be checked yearly as part of your regular service and preventative maintenance checks, as water incursion is one of the costliest repairs to undertake.