Effective Solutions for Caravan Wood Rot

One of the most common underlying problems, caravan wood rot. During our repairs at caravan fix we come across this issue more than we’d like and often the customer isn’t even aware as it is well hidden.

This is an image of a two-year-old caravan our technicians had repaired. Once stripped down, you can noticeably see, the rear end unfortunately has rotting wood.

The main causes of this common issue is due to water leaks. If you notice you have a water leek in your caravan, it is important you have an expert take a look in order to prevent further damage. Furthermore, this also highlights the importance of getting your caravan serviced, as it will highlight issues like these.

Often just small symptoms can be clues to significant damage behind the cladding. Dark stains in corners, around windows and hatches or moisture sitting on window sills and ledges should be a catalyst for investigation. Sometimes water entry points may be obvious: cracked or missing sealant under moulds, flaking silicon on the roof or missing screws or rivets. But leaks are usually not specific and more likely result from the sealant being at the end of its life and no longer effective.

By ten years of age every caravan must be inspected for sealant deterioration. Unfortunately, some material becomes vulnerable as early as 6 to 8 years. Sealants used in the last 5 years are proving generally more durable; nevertheless, inspect that stored or unused van regularly.

However, moisture is inevitable especially when camping, the problem will usually start at the seals. Natural causes such as heat from the sun, the cold from the wind causes the rubber to harden triggering the seals to loosen. As a consequence of the seals lifting, water can seep through causing rotting wood, and possibly rust.

The shell of most caravans are made of aluminium, with the inner shell mostly being made of plywood with a plastic coat. Unfortunately, that means that the moisture gets trapped in the wood which catalyses it to spread.

Nevertheless, do not worry this can be repaired. Here at Caravan fix, our carpenter simply cuts out the affected wood and replaces it with new sturdy wood, to keep your caravan in tip top shape.

If you have concerns about leaks, or any other part of your caravan, you can call our team for advice. We may need to see your van, or be able to quickly point you in the right direction so you can keep on travelling.

If your concerned about caravan wood rot, you can contact us here.