Caravan Travel During The Pandemic: Stay Safe & Confident

Since the start of the epidemic that is Covid, the world sadly is a different place. The carefree days are gone when you could jump on a plane maskless and travel overseas without even having to think of the possibility of catching covid. These days people are tending to stay close to home to holiday and caravanning and camping within our beautiful country has become the new overseas. Please read below for some tips on keeping safe while travelling with your family.

Maintain Social Distancing

The good thing about caravanning is that you don’t have to share space with anyone else apart from your loved ones, that is except when you arrive at your destination. Keep in mind some people can have the virus and don’t show any symptoms so it’s best to keep a safe distance from people when you’re out and about. 

Travel with your family

If you can, try and travel with people within your household or close family or friends. You know where they have been and vice versa. It’s also a great chance to create precious memories all together.

Covid Kit

It’s always best to be prepared should the worst-case scenario happen, and you contract covid on your trip. Packing for the pandemic is a smart idea should this happen. Items may include, masks, water, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, this is to keep the van clean but for yourself throat lozenges, Panadol, sports hydration drinks and a Netflix subscription to laze your days away. Maybe that should be Caravan Fix’s next article what to watch on Netflix…

Visiting Parks and any indoor holiday destinations

Getting out and about in nature is what caravanning and camping is all about.  Being out in the fresh air, being with nature, nothing compares. However, there are things to consider whilst doing this, they include:

• Not going into overcrowded recreation centres. Maybe check first by ringing to find out any restrictions. Bookings may need to be made before you attend. Also, what to bring with you, do they supply hand sanitizer, do you have to bring your own food/drinks? So many places have changed since the pandemic began, a lot now do not allow you to dine in, only take away etc. so it’s best to find the lay of the land before you head out.

• Wear your face mask. Masks are essential, especially in areas where social distancing may be a little tricky.

• Wash your hands and sanitize as often as you can. 

• Stay at home if you are sick. Going out is probably the last thing you’ll feel like doing if you are unwell, but not only that, staying home prevents passing on whatever illness you have whether it be covid or not.

Caravan Parks

Planning your trip to detail before you leave is a great idea, every place you travel to will have its own restrictions and guidelines to follow. Some ideas before you go include:

• Plan your trip outside of peak season if possible

• Booking beforehand

• Follow social distancing measures adhere to public gathering numbers

• Maintain proper hygiene.

Finally enjoy yourselves, I know we live in a different world now, but we can’t let covid rule our lives. Get out there and live life to the full, we are so lucky to live in such a large, beautiful country. Happy caravanning…