Caravan Pre-Purchase Inspection

Have an Expert perform a pre purchase inspection before you part with a lot of money

Have an Expert perform a pre purchase inspection before you part with a lot of money

Caravans are becoming a popular holiday option therefore a pre-check list is essential. When buying a caravan, there is a lot of things to look out for a that an untrained eye may not see.

When purchasing a used Caravan, it is expected that there will be some natural wear and tear endured from the awesome adventure it has been on! But anything that compromises safety should never be negotiated.

At Caravan Fix, we offer a pre-purchase inspection with one of our experts, to help you make the right decision.

Caravan Mobile Service

Our caravan pre-purchase inspection consist of:

  • Mobile or Centre inspection- we are able to go to you within the same week! We know decisions must be made reasonably fast when purchasing, however it is important you do your research before committing.
  • Visually inspect the external seals using our seal inspection report.  It is crucial this is checked, as leaks can lead to dampness and create wood rot in the frame and/or of the caravan
  • Identify any corrosion or signs of storm/impact damage. This type of damage maybe visible to the exterior of the van, however it can create internal problems.
  • Visual inspection of undercarriage for signs of sub-frame/chassis cracking! The quality of the suspension is arguably one of the most important parts to check. There are many different varieties fitted to caravans but make sure it is suitable for the roads you plan to travel on. To check suspension, inspect both the chassis and springs are intact.
  • Interior inspection for signs of water ingress.
Caravan Fix team member inspecting van

Once our inspection has been carried out we will pass on a written report of findings including a seal inspection report to be provided to buyer shortly after visual inspection.

If you are wanting to purchase a caravan, contact us and we will aim to carry out the pre purchase inspection ASAP.

Please Note: Our inspection is not a mandatory Gas Certification or Roadworthy Inspection required by law to transfer ownership.

Our inspection and report is based on general condition of the RV at the time of inspection. Caravan Fix will not be liable for any resulting damage that may present following the inspection.

Contact us to discuss pricing, and get booked in now.

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